About Me:

Since I was a child I enjoyed constructing things out of the materials my father had lying around his shop including wood, metal, plexiglas, plaster and cement. I also spent alot of time drawing and designing things like fonts, logo's, cars, clothing and working with mechanical things like bicycles. During my teenage years I began to experiment with screen printing and photography. 

As for academics, I have an M.A. in digital imaging and photography, and I feel this has had an impact on my appreciation for art more so than on the actual art I produce. This is why I enjoy viewing, reviewing and considering the implications and value of art. When I am visiting the galleries and museums I play a memory game to see how often people use the seemingly mass-produced assembly-line pattern-formula that is often accepted as today's art world.

This process allows me  to produce fresh new interesting artwork worthy of viewing.

Michael Wasniowski 5/25/05

About My Art:

I enjoy working  in a variety of media, some of them are llisted below. I employ the various styles and techniques that are necessary to present my concept to the viewer.

In my collage; I incorporate magazine and newspaper clippings as well as my own photographs and illustrations. Thematically my work in this media is primarily social commentary.

The makeup of my installation work varies depending on location and concept. I have used household furniture and appliances to recreate home environments and wood framing for my large geometric installations.

Most of my photography on the road and often return home with rolls of film that will contain several differnet image types: abstract, figurative, surreal, etc. Each series starts out as two to three images that have a similar theme and then I scour my archives looking for images that correspond. This causes each series to appear quite different from the previous one but allows me to experiment and it has taken years in some cases to form a solid series of images from single shots spanning hundreds of rolls of film.

I use conventional photographic films in medium format and 35mm cameras. I prefer to do all of my work on the front side of the lens so all of my subjects appear as they did when I photographed them. The film is then scanned using a film scanner and I correct the color remove dust and scratches on a pc. The images are then printed using pigmented inks on paper.

Sculptures include both constructions and found objects. For constructed pieces I use readily available materials, such as lumber and construction grade materials. My found objects are made of discarded items that I find in the world around me.

Video work includes travel records, documenting social occassions and functions. I am currenly working on more formally structrued dramatic pieces.