Images From, Iberalucia
These images were recorded while I traveled through Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Attempting to create a new and personal vision of some of the most photographed locations in the world was a major challenge.

Most of the photographs in this series fall into one of three categories: abstract, surreal or commercial. I photograph subjects that appeal to me and do not strictly search for compositions that fit only one category.

All of the photographs were recorded using conventional B+W film then scanned using a negative scanner and then printed electronically. The printed versions were printed with a slightly green cast that adds an aged feel to the images. This green cast is reminiscent of sepia toned images.

Finally, I believe the images in this series convey the emotions
I felt when I first set sight on these compositions. Enjoy my Images From Iberalucia.

Michael Wasniowski
February 16, 2004
Sin Titulo, MGW (c)1998
Casa Mila, MGW (c)1998
Sin Titulo, MGW (c)1998
Someday We May Find The Light, MGW (c)1998
Fingers of God, MGW (c)1998
Segovia, MGW (c)1998
Onirismo, MGW (c)1998
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all images copyright MGW 1998