In this series of photographs I took on the challenge of creating abstract photographs. The intent here is to present the viewer with a purely abstracted subject in a way that they transcend �photography� and focus on the color, composition and form. These photographs contain a varying degree of abstraction. The first images I recorded have more points of reference and in the later ones most points of reference are reduced, if not eliminated.

All of these photographs were captured using conventional 35mm color film. The negatives were scanned with a film scanner and printed electronically. Other than minor cropping and color correction no modifications were made to the original images. The subjects are presented here as I found them.

I wanted to create the same association with my photographs that one has with abstract paintings. With painting the viewer accepts the abstraction of the subject through the painter�s interpretation, knowing that the subject may be transferred from a real subject or one that the painter has imagined. In photography the image is taken from a real source and no matter how distorted or manipulated is not imaginary, leaving the viewer wondering what the subject is instead of enjoying the photography simply for its abstract composition. I believe that I have achieved this goal in which the viewer is able to transcend the medium of photography and appreciate the image for its composition in the more advanced images in this series.

Michael Wasniowski
February 17, 2004
Untitled #3, Clearwater MGW (c)2002
Untitled #24, Chicago / MGW (c)2002
Untitled #4, Hunsville, MGW (c)2002
Untitled #14, Chicago,  MGW (c)2002
Untitled #6, Huntsville, MGW (c)2002
Untitled #7, Orlando, MGW (c)2002
Untitled #10, Chicago, MGW (c)2002
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