Laugh At Yourself, MGW (c)1997
The title of this series of images relates to the period during which
it was created. I felt as though I was in a �purgatory� like stasis. I
could not advance nor could I go back. The subjects in these images
cover quite a range of topics. As the series is laid out the first several
images relate directly to my own life and then steadily relate more to
the issues of the larger society around me.

All of these images were created using electronic collage. Parts of
the images were taken from news clippings, magazine advertisements,
and intentional photographs. The parts were scanned and assembled
in a digital format then printed electronically.

This series is my oldest and to my surprise a majority of viewers really
connect with them. I am told most of the images in this series are
relatively easy to comprehend and not as controversial as I had feared
when there were created. Some of the more timely pieces have lost their potency so I have not included them in this gallery. I have been working with some new ideas for a group of collage images to follow
in this same vein.

Michael Wasniowski
February 16, 2004
Faux Pas, MGW (c)1997
Our Lady Of Athletic Footwear, MGW (c)1997 T.V. God, MGW (c)1997
Programing, MGW (c)1997
Satan Loses Job, MGW (c)1997
Sometimes You Have To Get It Out Before You Can Move On
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all images copyright MGW 1997